Friday, January 18, 2013

Outfit Lay Out: Pop Grunge

Bop Basics beanie, Prabal Gurung x Linda Farrow sunglasses, Fuzzplex sweater c/o SwayChic, ASOS ripped boyfriend jeans, CĂ©line box bag, Marc Jacobs pilgrim flats

Since I live in a city with a higher annual rate of precipitation than Seattle, I decided it would be a good idea to occasionally post my outfits in a manner that in no way depends on the weather (or the availability of a photographer other than myself).  I styled my look for today around a super snuggly striped sweater that was sent to me by SwayChic, an up-and-coming LA boutique that specializes in the sort of 80's/90's pieces that I have been hopelessly nostalgic for as of late.  They have tons more cute sweaters, and I am also digging this baroque printed one (sort-of Stella, no?) and this amoeba knit (yay science!).  Today I'm also busting out my Marc Jacobs pilgrim flats, which may be my favorite pair of shoes I have ever bought, save for the fact that they are about a size too small.  I really wish more websites would post accurate sizing information on the shoes they sell because too many brands are terribly inconsistent in their sizes.  Oh well, beauty is pain, right?